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“The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of it’s citizens” -Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus


“ALPHABETIC AFRICAN TIMELINE: The Essential & Complete e-Guide platform to the African countries, people and politics“: is an ACCREDITED, RECOGNIZED and LICENSED Afro friendly e-Media, Education and Research web content hiring company located in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital: is established by an Ethiopian national to empower the African youth.

It’s sister “e-Map of Africa” publication via website entitled, “A to Z of AFRICA – General Information of African Nation States”: is a four-colours digitally separated e-Map, downloadable and printable at the desired size: is also part and parcel of our Afro Intro, Education and Knowledge based e-Content hiring platform LICENSED & ACCREDITED by the Ethiopian Ministry of Innovation & Technology (EMiNT) based in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, and the chartered seat of the African Union (AU) @ Registration Number Ref. MCIT/ICTCC 1732/N. 

Such a
home-grown Afro webproject also successfully registered under Kenyan Company Registration Office @ a Registration Number BN-P6C9Q2J as part of our promotion to other African mega cities. The preparation and compilation of this webproject is highly involved by digital educationists, academicians, researchers, and multi-disciplinary African scholars aspiring to share their Afro friendly knowledge, talent, and skills to native citizens, the Africans and the non-African friends of Africa in general. 

Africacomplete.com : is tasked to promote and empower the entire African continent in A to Z (ALGERIA-ZIMBABWE) format under the sub-titles, COUNTRY OVERVIEW, COUNTRY FACT FILE, and COUNTRY ECONOMY of each individual African nation state.


Letters of RECOGNITION, TESTIMONIAL, APPRAISAL, as well as POSITIVE REMARKS declared by number of dignitaries, career African diplomats, and the multi-disciplinary African professionals whose were the ones endorsed their public approval or support as an act of assessing the correctness of facts & figures mentioned at such e-production as shown below,


“The e-Map Africa and the Afro friendly website Africacomplete.com projected by Mr. Mulugeta is a highly visual and detailed venture that gives relevant information to scholars and people who are interested in general information pertaining Africa and the selected African countries. I’d therefore recommend it as a reference material.” -Mr. Ken Karangi, Digital Educationist at Text Book Center Kenya (TBC).
“I have read Mr. Mulugeta’s draft African Almanac version, I recommend you to read it. It’s an excellent initiative, and think it’s quite in order. He ingeniously finds ways to serve the African general public especially in terms of empowering and promoting the entirety of the continent” -Dr. Ibrahim Dagash Ibrahim (retired) -Head of Press and Information Department of the ex-OAU, predecessor of the African Union Interim Commission (AUIC)  

“The e-Map of Africa produced by Mr. Moges Mulugeta Blatta Amharay is a useful tool in the teaching of African history, culture and geography, and will hopefully find users in schools and other teaching institutions that are concerned with Africa”
 -Anne Kristin Bang (PhD), Associate Professor of History, Archaeology, Cultural and Religious Studies, University of Bergen (UiB), NORWAY. 

“Since October 1992, Moges Mulugeta, an Ethiopian by nationality has through his own initiative contacted all OAU Member States and has been able to prepare a Geo-political country profiles of African States entitled, “ALPHABETIC AFRICAN TIMELINE (The Essential & Complete e-Guide to the African countries, people and politics)”. Such Afro friendly country manuals, the first of it’s kind, has been fully supported by the OAU General Secretariat as it provides useful profiles of member states in alphabetical order as also accurately written in reasonable depth, and will definitely go a long way towards publicizing the Member States and our continental organization at home and abroad. The OAU General secretariat, would, therefore, appreciate any assistance that would be extended regarding the promotion of this handy publication to Ethiopian Embassies abroad, NGO’s, Colleges, the University, Libraries, and the general public through the media i.e. etv, radio, etc.”
-Ambassador Ahmed Hagag (retired), Secretary-General of the ex-Organization of African Unity (OAU), the predecessor of the Africa Union Interim Commission (AUIC  

“I express my personal admiration to this young and growing Ethiopian’s, endeavour the time and patience he paid to bring his wish into reality” 
-The Hon. Wolde-Michael Chemu (retired), ex-Federal Minister of Information and Culture (served between 1995 and  2000), Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia /FDRE/.    

“You have dedicated many years of your life to bring knowledge about Africa to learners everywhere. Your work is commendable, and your dedication to this cause gives me inspiration” 
–Mr. Øyvind Høynes, CEO of Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA) /Digitale læremidler for videregående opplæring/  
“It’s an excellent job that Mr. Moges is trying to do” -Mohammed “Mo” Amin (the late), crash victim of the 1996 hijacked Flight-906 EAL jetliner in the Comoros) of Camerapix/Reuters TV, Nairobi, Kenya.


Respect, Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity are the values ALPHABETIC AFRICAN TIMELINE live by, that help us action our Purpose and Vision to promote and empower the second largest continent in the world….. It is how we work and interact with others in the edutain (educate/entertain), academic, and the Afro touristic & travel sectors as well.”     




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